Who are Rapid Accommodation

Rapid Accommodation Ltd are a fast-growing company who source accommodation for large clients throughout the UK.

The growth our company experienced placed huge pressure on our internal systems and we realized we needed a single business software solution to streamline and drastically improve our current processes.

As a company, we had several different rudimentary systems in different areas of the business, none of which communicated with each other which meant we had a lot of time spent duplicating data and no meaningful management reporting.

Why was Synergi the perfect fit?

Like most companies looking to implement a system we selected several potential suppliers, most of whom simply wanted to sell us a product. Synergi Tech came with a very different approach, their first meeting was to understand our business and processes and use that as a template to design an entirely custom application. They spent time with all our staff reviewing all the tasks they performed, made suggestions for improvement and helped us to identify where we could make the most gains and get the most “bang from our buck” out of a system.

From customer management through all our internal functions and integrating with our Xero Accounts package, Synergi Tech Ltd consulted at every stage to ensure the solution was exactly what our business required to reduce costs and assist in our continued growth.

Most importantly, they got to know us as a business and from the outset this gave us enormous confidence in the project.

“Synergi Tech has delivered an intuitive, cutting-edge system that has eliminated duplication and we expect it will increase our capacity by 70%”

Karl Hedison, Financial Director

The Synergi Solution

Their motto is “We Make Businesses Better” and the solution we have implemented certainly underpins that motto. A fresh, modern cloud-based system which has gathered together all the different processes we have into one singularly powerful business application.

We feel we have a system that fits the business perfectly and we simply could never have achieved that with an “off-the-shelf” product.

As a customer, we have been involved in the entire process and have had regular meetings, exchanging ideas and reviewing areas of the solution as it was being developed.

Synergi Tech Ltd were present throughout the implementation and go live process which gave everyone confidence and support.

“We would simply have been unable to grow the company to where it is today if we had not partnered with
Synergi Tech Ltd”

Karl Hedison, Financial Director

Synergi Tech Ltd

Just a few of the benefits that a custom designed software solution can bring to your business

Unique to your business - Implementing business software often means adapting to fit the product whereas a custom application is written specifically for the business, streamlining and improving your systems.

Cloud-based - The power of the cloud is that it removes the overhead of security and server maintenance, leaving you free to spend your time and effort where it matters most - in your own business.

Increased capacity, reduced costs - by removing data duplication and streamlining order processing, capacity is instantly improved reducing initial costs and deferring costs of future salary. This provides a very rapid return on investment.

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