Who are IEMA

IEMA, the worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals, have been working with Synergi Tech Ltd for over 3 years.

We originally migrated their existing website and members area to our hosting infrastructure, but as it was based on an ageing Drupal content management system, a project to replace it with a modern, robust platform was started.

“The whole team at Synergi Tech are professional and efficient in all aspects of their work.”

Gemma Price, Website Coordinator

How did Synergi help?

Numerous challenges existed with the new website project. Not least, the 15,000+ members still needed to be able to login and access their details, content and pay their invoices but over 4000 pages of previous content not only needed migrating to the new platform, but needed reformatting to fit the new design.

IEMA also had a re-brand in 2016, which had to be reflected en-masse across all the web facing systems and sites that we maintain for them.

The Synergi Solution

Working with IEMAs branding and design agencies, completely new designs were signed off and our Web Developers started working on building the site skeleton. We use an Open Source, Enterprise grade Content Management Framework, which can handle multiple sites, login and authentication, news articles, blogs plus much more. However, it is also very flexible and extensible allowing our developers to work with it at its core to build features required.

Our Software developers wrote migration scripts to mass import all the previous data from their old Drupal website. This had to be reformatted with these scripts on import to seamlessly come into the new design and layout.

Our SysOps team also moved alongside the main project moved all of IEMA’s hosting infrastructure from regular hosting over to scalable, load balanced and CDN driven hosting based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We maintained near uninterrupted service for the members ensuring they could still access all their membership benefits. The website is also fully integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM platform, and lets the members view and update their personal information, preferences and view, download and pay their outstanding invoices. We also fully integrated the system with GoCardless so that members can quickly and easily setup Direct Debit payments.

Synergi Tech Ltd

Just a few of the benefits that a custom designed software solution can bring to your business

Unique to your business - Implementing business software often means adapting to fit the product whereas a custom application is written specifically for the business, streamlining and improving your systems.

Cloud-based - The power of the cloud is that it removes the overhead of security and server maintenance, leaving you free to spend your time and effort where it matters most - in your own business.

Increased capacity, reduced costs - by removing data duplication and streamlining order processing, capacity is instantly improved reducing initial costs and deferring costs of future salary. This provides a very rapid return on investment.

“They always go the extra mile to offer a fantastic service and never fail to deliver, even when given the tightest of deadlines.”

Gemma Price, Website Coordinator


IEMA now had a robust and easy to use administration system to maintain their website, and can continue to add hundreds of new content articles without fear of the system slowing down.

Their members can login, and explore member-only content as well as update their details and manage their membership. Gone are the days of manually updating membership details in the CRM with this all taken care of automatically.

IEMAs membership have benefitted from a fast, responsive and easy to use website that signposts potential members to the correct area of the website, whilst simultaneously letting existing members get to their content quickly and easily.

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