Who are CBF Storage

CBF Storage operate a unique storage and warehousing facility. With a large customer base that requires the storage and onward distribution of animal products, covered under various DEFRA legislation, CBF Storage required an inventory management platform that was bespoke.

Stock needed to be booked in quickly and efficiently, held for quarantine, released for despatch, and tracked through to its final destination. Documentation had to be co-branded as their customer and full batch and individual pallet traceability was a must.

“When we moved warehouse, we asked Synergi Tech Ltd to help design a new Stock system that would be bespoke to CBF Storage. We are delighted with the new software and would say it has cut our admin time by 50%”

Charles Foster, Director

Why was Synergi the best choice?

CBF Storage approached Synergi Tech Ltd, with their requirements. Working with our Consultants, we ascertained exactly what the client required, and started drawing up the specification of the system.

During this phase, CBF Storage expressed their desire to use Xero, the leading Cloud Accounting Platform, and so the specification was extended to include the automated creation of Sales Invoices within Xero.

Synergi Tech Ltd’s development team started building the application, taking into account the nuances of the stock control process that CBF Storage had to accommodate. We delivered an entirely cloud based solution, which works across mobile, tablet and desktop for ease of use and anywhere access.

The Synergi Solution

CBF Storage can manage their customers, inventory, products and quarantined inventory with ease. Furthermore, bringing stock into their system takes less than 10% of the time it took in their legacy platform.

Raising despatch notes for stock being despatched is built with all the safeguards to only allow non quarantined stock to be despatched, also ensuring that, if required, First In First Out (FIFO) principals are adhered to.

Despatch addresses are stored in an easy to use address book, ensuring that as time moves on, data entry gets even quicker. Once the despatch is confirmed, all necessary paperwork is generated in PDF file format, and can be printed and emailed to the customer for their records.

Every week, the system automates the process of raising all the Sales Invoices straight into Xero, creating full schedules and breakdowns of the invoices and attaching them as file downloads to the Xero sales invoice.

Synergi Tech Ltd

Just a few of the benefits that a custom designed software solution can bring to your business

Unique to your business - Implementing business software often means adapting to fit the product whereas a custom application is written specifically for the business, streamlining and improving your systems.

Cloud-based - The power of the cloud is that it removes the overhead of security and server maintenance, leaving you free to spend your time and effort where it matters most - in your own business.

Increased capacity, reduced costs - by removing data duplication and streamlining order processing, capacity is instantly improved reducing initial costs and deferring costs of future salary. This provides a very rapid return on investment.

“The software program creates all our Invoices and then with a click of a button it pushes straight into my Xero Accounting system. Again, this has saved even more time.

I am very impressed with everything Synergi Tech Ltd have done so far and have recommended them to other companies.”

Charles Foster, Director


CBF Storage have a bespoke solution, written around their business model. As they have grown, Synergi Tech Ltd have adapted certain rules and logic in the system with ease, proving how bespoke software can really assist a company in fine tuning its processes and automating them as much as possible.

With a reporting suite within the application, CBF Storage have added numerous reports to the platform since.

The integration with Xero, and closing the loop of stock and inventory control with financial accounts processing, the time savings in the automated invoicing alone add up to over 15 manhours per week.

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